Distributor of Albion Chelated Minerals

We dedicate extensive resources to
ongoing research and educational efforts.

We use FT-IR to guarantee
each batch has our signature
ring chelation structure.

We carefully control reaction
conditions to ensure each
mineral form is fully chelated.

Our minerals are fully reacted to form the
most absorbable and stable ring structure.

Our organic glycine
ligands have the right
molecular structure and size.

We use only the best
food grade minerals.

Makes minerals
easily digested
and absorbed

Six Stage


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and 70 human clinical trials

It took 57 years, 130 patents

... ours are safe, gentle and easily absorbed

Minerals are essential for good nutrition, health and fitness

Licensed distributor of premium, chelated minerals from the Albion Minerals division of Balchem Corporation, USA
Our high-quality vitamin-mineral premixes are used in foodstuffs, beverages, nutritional products, health supplements and other applications.


We supply Bisglycinate Chelates, Other Chelates and Complexes.
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Different minerals have different benefits.
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A selection of documents providing important information on Chelates.
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A range of interesting and educational videos on chelated minerals.
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ISO 22000-2018 Certified logo
We have ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management certification.
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We provide ingredients to manufacturers for use in:

Meal Replacement Products

powders, porridges and Ready to Drink (RTD)

Infant Milk Enrichment

Banting Meal Replacement Products


Vitamin-mineral premixes for the food industry

Enriched Beverages

e.g. Almond and Soya Milk

Sport Nutrition Products

pre-workout drinks, energy drinks, recovery drinks

Health Supplements

Mineral tablets, drinks, syrups, powders, etc.

Our Management Team

Michael L. Kovensky

Chairman and Managing Director

Michael Barr

Non-Executive Director

Raymond Rudolph

Operations and Finance Manager

Mareth Kellerman

Technical and R&D Manager

To be Announced

Technical and Logistics

Ben Gumbo

Bookkeeper & Stock Controller