Here is a selection of documents providing important information on Chelated Minerals and showing why Albion’s Chelated products are different from others.

Defending Against the Sun – How Minerals Help

The sun can have an impact on skin at any time of the year. The skin is constantly being exposed to the air, solar radiation, pollutants, and other chemical insults. Daily exposure generates free radicals and other reactive oxygen species which are the primary factors in skin damage.
This brochure explains how minerals can help prevent damage to the skin.

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Albion. The World Leader & Innovator in Chelated Mineral Nutrition

In 1956, a company with a passion for understanding and innovating mineral nutrition was created. At its helm was a man committed to researching and improving the nutritional status of people everywhere. Dr. Harvey H. Ashmead’s dedication brought about significant change in the field of mineral nutrition when he introduced to the marketplace chelated mineral nutrition many years ago.

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Building a Better Mineral in Six Stages

Albion was founded in 1956 by pharmacist Harvey H. Ashmead and works with researchers from around the globe. To date, Albion minerals have been examined in over 120 research papers, with 70 human clinical trials. Albion holds over 130 patents. This slide show explains what makes a better mineral.

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Why Chelated Minerals are Not Created Equal

Once you’ve made the step to understand there is a difference between vitamins and minerals and then made the jump in understanding there is a difference between inorganic and organic minerals, you are ready to make a quantum leap to understand why organic chelated minerals are different.

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Calcium for All Reasons

Almost daily, nutrition researchers are finding that calcium deficiencies affect the human body far beyond skeletal needs. With new knowledge continually emerging, it is not surprising that calcium is becoming increasingly important in food fortification.

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Magnesium, a macro mineral present in every cell type in the body and critical in over 300 functions on a cellular level. It is the mineral of life and energy. It plays a major role in muscle and nerve function, delivery of fluid to cell structure, keeps the heart rhythm steady, and promotes normal blood pressure and blood sugars. In the sports nutrition arena, magnesium is most widely known for its support of energy metabolism ATP, an enzymatic energy source on a cellular level and must be bound to Mg (Mg-ATP) in order to be biologically active and unleash its power.

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Iron is an essential nutrient in human health, playing a role in immune function, cardiovascular health and cognitive development. Its importance was first recognized about 1500 BC, and by the 16th century, a relationship between iron and blood was well-known. Iron is a constituent of hemoglobin, myoglobin, ferritin and a number of endogenous enzymes. Albion Human Nutrition developed a patented form of non-heme iron with bioavailability and tolerance similar to heme iron. Characterized by a ferrous cation bonded to two glycine molecules, this ferrous iron amino acid chelate is sold under the brand name Ferrochel.

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Sport Nutrition

Many minerals are needed for life and health. The active sport minded individual that pushes their body to perform at peak levels and even beyond, have special needs for key mineral supplements. Consuming them in food or supplements may not be enough to assure their use in the body. Key minerals must be absorbed and delivered for utilization by key muscle groups, organs and body systems when they need them. For our organic bodies to absorb mineral nutrients in optimal conditions they need organic mineral forms – Albion® provides specifically designed organic mineral forms for optimal bioavailability and absorption.

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