How & Why Chelates (key-lates)

Albion’s products are researched, developed and then verified by through:

  • independent clinical studies,
  • independent scientific associations whose sole purpose is to catalogue molecules by structure, and
  • acceptance by strict government regulatory bodies around the world.

Albion’s philosophy is to create organic mineral compounds that are more effective and bioavailable than their inorganic mineral counterparts.  They create compounds under strict laboratory conditions that mimic our own digestive processes for making chelates.

The highest quality amino acids are used as building blocks for all their chelated minerals. Amino acids are a very important protein chain used in many bodily functions.

The two short video modules below illustrate what compounds and organic compounds are.

The illustration of the amino acid glycine shows the smallest of all the amino acid structures and how it is bonded in a unique way to a nutritional mineral, resulting in an organic compound. The type of bond the atoms make in this molecule are of primary importance, setting it apart from other mineral compounds.

This unique chelate bond makes a connection at two points on the mineral, forming a ‘ring’ with the amino acid.

Albion University - Nutritional Minerals and the Periodic Table

This video shows the origin of nutritional minerals in a scientific sense

Albion University – Organic and Inorganic Nutritional Minerals

How compound molecules are made from atoms on the periodic table